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Available for Voice Work!

Are you …

  • producing a training video, in search of a narrator?
  • seeking voice talent for commercial voiceover?

I have what you need!


Two More Solo Works, and Even More

For the early part of June 2009 I was between a contract and joining Marport Canada, so I had plenty of time to work on Librivox stuff.  I have the beginnings of a decent-looking profile, listing my solo stuff and a few smaller readings.


Festival 500, 2009 edition

From July 5 to 12, I participated in the 2009 edition of the biennial Festival 500 - Sharing the Voices with Newman Sound.


First complete solo work!

Finally just finished my first full solo work: Adrift on an Ice-Pan by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.


Adrift on an Ice-Pan, by Sir Wilfred Grenfell

After my first couple of short recordings for LibriVox, I decided I wanted to do a solo work.  I'm a closet Canadian and Newfoundland nationalist, so I thought it would be interesting to specialize in Newfoundland and Canadian literature.



I have just "discovered" LibriVox, a site dedicated to producing free audiobooks based on texts that are in the public domain.



Sinéad O'Connor was one of my favourite musicians in the late 80s, early 90s, and I recently rediscovered her breakout disc Troy in my collection.  The first track on that album is Jackie, a lament on losing a loved one to the sea... a very topical idea with the recent deadly helicopter crashes off Newfoundland and in the North Sea.

Gulf War Song

I'm a big fan of the (somewhat short-lived) Canadian group Moxy Früvous.


Um Canto de Afoxé para o Bloco do Ilê (Ilê Ayê)

I just completed an arrangement of Caetano Veloso's wonderful "Um Canto de Afoxé para o Bloco do Ilê"  for SATBB (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass) and bongos.

More Than Words

In 2008 I arranged More Than Words for Newman Sound Men's Choir. I had MP3 breakdowns of the parts available in this posting, but as of March 2009 I've redone the arrangement.


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