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Voice acting

GPS Navigation

Today I was contracted through Elance by a fellow in Florida named Charles Wood, to voice 65 slides of a slideshow on GPS navigation for small aviation. Should be fun!

It turns out the video is actually for flight simulators, but it's still cool... and yes, it was fun. The video should be up on Charles' web site soon.

Another update:
I ended up doing three videos for Charles, though I can't find them on his site now. Still fun though!


GMO Foods

In early December 2010, I was contracted through Elance for a project called "Voice Over for Health Summary". It turned out to be a 26 minute narration of the synopsis of a film about the evils of GMO foods in general, and the GMO industry in general. Interesting and enlightening reading, not to mention a bit scary.

I don't believe the resulting product is available anywhere yet, but I wouldn't expect to find out either: one of the things about these freelance job sites is that they try to keep a wall between client and provider.


Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete waterproofing you say? Yes, I am the voice on an instructional video for Komsol, on how their product Controll®Innerseal works. Now I know all about pores in the concrete and how they are sealed up by Controll®Innerseal's sodium silicate crystals.

This project was contracted by their marketing firm through in October 2010.


ark contracted me through in July 2010 to provide the voice for their debut promotional video. ark is an interesting concept: after signing up with them your regular Internet use (Google, Amazon, Facebook etc.) automatically triggers donations to your favourite causes by the site itself. It's a no-brainer.

The video is linked directly from the ark home page, adjacent to the "Sign up for the ark private beta" banner. Have a listen!


Freelance Voiceover

Sean has worked on a number of freelance voiceover contracts since breaking into the business in the summer of 2010. These were acquired through the freelance job sites and Elance.


Available for Voice Work!

Are you …

  • producing a training video, in search of a narrator?
  • seeking voice talent for commercial voiceover?

I have what you need!


Two More Solo Works, and Even More

For the early part of June 2009 I was between a contract and joining Marport Canada, so I had plenty of time to work on Librivox stuff.  I have the beginnings of a decent-looking profile, listing my solo stuff and a few smaller readings.


First complete solo work!

Finally just finished my first full solo work: Adrift on an Ice-Pan by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.


Adrift on an Ice-Pan, by Sir Wilfred Grenfell

After my first couple of short recordings for LibriVox, I decided I wanted to do a solo work.  I'm a closet Canadian and Newfoundland nationalist, so I thought it would be interesting to specialize in Newfoundland and Canadian literature.



I have just "discovered" LibriVox, a site dedicated to producing free audiobooks based on texts that are in the public domain.

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