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Freelance Voiceover

Sean has worked on a number of freelance voiceover contracts since breaking into the business in the summer of 2010. These were acquired through the freelance job sites and Elance.

I originally signed up for to see if I could find software development contracts. What a waste of time: the site is full of people who will happily write software for $2 per hour or less! I almost gave it up immediately, but realized there were a decent number of voice-related jobs being posted, and at (relatively) decent rates. I suppose what makes those jobs different is that the majority are for languages associated with First World countries, which makes for a level playing field among the providers.

It's interesting to observe a noticeable difference between rates on and Elance. Elance is a bit more "up-market" and there is far less low-balling. I'm not quite sure why that is though.

I'm also signed up on which is where the professional voice artists live, but I don't quite have the confidence to promote myself there yet. It's a bit intimidating!