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On Singing in a Male Choir

I am a founding member of Newman Sound Men's Choir, a splendid group of guys with a fabulous sound.  It is named for a scenic campground in Terra Nova National Park, a few hours from the choir's home in St. John's, Newfoundland.

In 2006 we competed in the biennial CBC Radio Amateur Choral Competition, reaching the quarter finals in our category and receiving a Galaxie Rising Star award. In 2008 we reached the finals.

For the first few years I sang baritone, but switched to bass for the 07/08 season. There's not so much of the melody down here in the bass section, but being in the roots of the sound (so to speak) is a phenomenal experience I wouldn't want to give up!

An all-male choir sound has a deeply satisfying richness that, in my opinion, is found in no other vocal mix. Have a listen to Chanticleer's rendition of Franz Biebl's Ave Maria, for example. Chor Leoni is one of Canada's premier male choirs. Or for a big sound from a smaller group (a sextet) listen to anything from The King's Singers.

Okay so listening to the male sound is nice, but singing it is something else again! You're fully wrapped in it, rapt by it, buzzing to the core. The sound from all around focuses in on you alone. Maybe my body's resonant frequency is down in the male vocal range?