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Gulf War Song

I'm a big fan of the (somewhat short-lived) Canadian group Moxy Früvous.

Their early 90s album Bargainville is often categorized as "comedy" but has a lot that is of great musical value. One of my particular favourites is Gulf War Song, which gives away its political leanings in the first lines:

We got a call to write a song about the war in the Gulf,
but we shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.
So we tried, and gave up, 'cause there was no such song,
but the trying was very revealing.

This of course is referring to the First Gulf War in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, but it remains highly relevant today.

Ever since joining Newman Sound I've hankered to have my group sing it, so in late 2007 I transcribed it for TTBB (two tenor, baritone and bass parts). We haven't yet sung it, in part because of the strong political position it takes.

Now that I've joined JukeVox the opportunity has presented itself once again, so I've modified the arrangement for SATBB (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass). Here is an MP3 of the result, the raw output of the music formatter Sibelius. Contact me at if you would like to use the arrangement.