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I have just "discovered" LibriVox, a site dedicated to producing free audiobooks based on texts that are in the public domain.

A long time ago someone told me I had the voice for radio (and I already knew I had the face!) so lately I had been reearching what would be involved in commercial voiceover. A nurse at Canadian Blood Services told me her husband had started reading for LibriVox, and gave me a basic rundown of its relationship to the Gutenberg Project. It is run entirely by volunteers - readers, proof-listeners, coordinators and so on. Contributions by readers range from poems of a few seconds, up to multi-hour solo works. A reading of the 42-chapter "The Golden Bowl" by Henry James was recently completed by Lee Ann Howlett, clocking in at a staggering 22 hours. Most readings are done as part of a collection where multiple readers toss in short readings that are then aggregated.

What a lot of fun! I have done three short readings for the Short Ghost and Horror Collection Volume 003, which will consist of 15 short stories by various authors, and already has 14 readings by 7 different readers. All of my readings will be accessible from my LibriVox profile page. Have a listen!