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Adrift on an Ice-Pan, by Sir Wilfred Grenfell

After my first couple of short recordings for LibriVox, I decided I wanted to do a solo work.  I'm a closet Canadian and Newfoundland nationalist, so I thought it would be interesting to specialize in Newfoundland and Canadian literature.

I started by taking a pass through Wikipedia and Gutenberg to find candidate authors but didn't find much that immediately struck my fancy; that is, not too much archaic or flowery language. It also needs to be in the public domain, which in Canada is generally a work whose author died at least 50 years ago. Stephen Leacock is an obvious choice for Can Lit, but a fair amount of his work has already been read for LibriVox. I'm still plowing through a huge list of Canadian authors available on Wikipedia.

For Newfoundland literature E.J. Pratt would be the archetype, but he died in 1964 so I don't think his poetry is quite in the public domain yet.

Then - and I don't know what brought it on - Sir Wilfred Grenfell flashed into my mind. He is a Newfoundland hero, despite having neither lived nor died here. He was primarily a medical missionary and didn't write a lot, but I did find two things of interest: his autobiography, and a memoir "Adrift on an Ice-Pan". Both are available on Gutenberg and neither has been read for LibriVox before.

So my first solo LibriVox project was Adrift on an Ice-Pan, which I have just finished and is now in the hands of my proof-listener. The three sections - a Biographical Sketch, the work proper and an Appendix - are available for listening now, and will (I hope) shortly be put into the permanent LibriVox archive. Fun!