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Available for Voice Work!

Are you …

  • producing a training video, in search of a narrator?
  • seeking voice talent for commercial voiceover?

I have what you need!

My Background

I am an amateur singer with a long-standing interest in speaking … you might say I love the sound of my own voice.   In mid 2009 I discovered LibriVox, which provides freely downloadable audiobooks of out-of-copyright works, and realized it was a perfect way to get started.

In less than eight months I have made roughly 120 individual recordings for LibriVox!  Many of them are quite short, such as the weekly and fortnightly poetry readings which are often less than one minute.  There are also short stories, and individual book chapters which tend to be a bit longer.  I believe my longest single recording was just under one hour, a reading of the British North America Act of 1949.  From the beginning I have done my own recording and editing, which has been great in terms of forcing me to listen to every nuance of my speech.

My Voice

Many people, when they think of Newfoundland, have a preconception of a certain specific, thick accent.  Not me!  I have a neutral Canadian accent, very good diction and consistent vocal quality.  I am in my early forties but sound more like mid-thirties - at least I think so, you can decide for yourself.

Here's a brief sample from my recording of Silence - A Fable, by Edgar Allan Poe.  And here's something a little "drier": section 32 of the terms of union of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador with Canada in 1949… the section dealing with the preservation of a sea link with the mainland.

My Technical Capabilities

I have a good quality microphone, a quiet room and decent audio editing skills.  Depending on your needs I can provide raw files, do first-round editing, or produce finished product to your specifications.  A variety of file formats are available.

Standard Narration

By "standard narration" I mean reading of prose or poetry that is more or less continuous in nature.  This includes prerecorded television or radio narration as long as it is recorded in my own studio.

Length Unprocessed With Basic Editing
Fully Produced
Up to 1,000 words $100 $190 - call -
1,000 to 10,000 words $80 $170
10,000 to 25,000 words $70 $160
25,000+ words $65 $150

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, exclusive of HST, and confirmed at time of booking.
Prices are per 1000 words or part thereof.

For registered charities I would consider donating my work under certain circumstances.

Voice Acting and Imaging

I would be happy to record narration and voiceover for shows, commercials, station IDs and so on under your direction.  This sort of work would generally best be performed in a professional recording studio, for which we would negotiate an hourly rate.